mrotaku2399: so its safe to say this place is dead(?) Jun 21, 2016 18:50:48 GMT -7
mrotaku2399: no worrries sometimes irl stuff just gets in the way and we cant help it when things go sour. May 25, 2016 18:11:21 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: Likelihood of my working 18 hours a day every other day and 12 hour days between could be the next 6 months. That said, I'm not going to be able to run this fed like I had hoped. May 16, 2016 14:12:22 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: These are problems at my job, not this fed. May 16, 2016 14:11:41 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: Sorry everyone. There's been a few problems with the company this week that have caused months of turmoil. May 16, 2016 14:11:14 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: jobbers will have RPs up by May 17th. And thank you mary I'll have her check it out May 15, 2016 7:21:43 GMT -7
Deleted: It's not exactly Photoshop, but you can go to or to do graphics online. May 14, 2016 19:26:22 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: Results are UP and in FINISHED condition. May 8, 2016 21:40:03 GMT -7
Skye Wilcox: Results will be done within the next two hours in full. I thought yesterday was May 8th. The results will be only about an hour or two late at the most. This is why you don't see a results section right now and see a second card is out. May 8, 2016 18:13:44 GMT -7
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